Trail runner. Mountain lover. Australian original, running bergs all over the world.

Kirra Balmanno is a mountain lover and trail runner, competing in international ultra running races and challenging her stamina and fear of heights in endurance expeditions in the bergs of this world. She has run far and wide, from the incredible Himalayas of Nepal to the desert mountains of Oman, through the Caucasus and all over the Alps. She shares her time between her work as a veterinarian and the mountains, especially in the Swiss Alps and the Himalayas.

This year, she co-founded Type Two Run – a trail running destination company specialising in trail running travel to some of the greatest & wildest locations on Earth.

Kirra is also proud to be an athlete for On running and an ambassador for races such as the Annapurna 100 & the Alvi Trail Liguria.


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