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How to get to Aroleid Restaurant

Aroleid Restaurant is situated in Furi, it's the first stop when you go up by the ski-lift, but there are more ways that lead to Aroleid!

Daytime - until 17:00

Ski Lift

We are easily accessible by a 10 minutes ski-lift ride from Zermatt and a 5 minute walk to us, just up the road.



For the walking enthusiast among us there is the possibility to walk up and/or down. The road to Furi is accessible all year through. The walk up will take you about 1,5 hours and down about 45 minutes. On this road it's also possible to sledge down!



If you do choose to travel by taxi, our preferred taxi company is Taxi Schaller.  We have a 20% discount from the usual one-way fare of CHF 100 to CHF 80.  This discount will apply if you also book both ways in advance.

 Phone: 027 967 12 12

Rent a bus

In the spring/summer season (Starting on the first of May) It's possible for groups to book a e-bus with a driver. The price is CHF 200 (one way) and can seat up to 27 people. It needs to be booked 1 week in advance and can be booked through: 

+41 (0)27 967 45 68 (