-During the daytime the ski-lift to Furi is opened from 09:00 to 17:00. From Furi station it's a 100m walk up the hill.




Ski-lift closes after 17:00 and we're reachable by taxi

If you do choose to travel by taxi, our preferred taxi company is Taxi Schaller.  We have arranged for you to have a 20% discount from the usual one-way fare of CHF 100 to CHF 80.  This discount will apply if you also book both ways in advance so, CHF 200 to CHF 160. 

You will also need to show your driver the booking confirmation of your reservation to confirm your 20% discount. 

-You can make your taxi reservation on the number Phone: 027 967 12 12 mention your Restaurant booking and you will be entitled to the 20% discount.